Onboarding and managing franchisees (and outlets) can be cumbersome and inefficient – not anymore!
With ADA®, the process of onboarding and managing franchises has become more streamlined and systematic (and eco-friendly too). This empowers the franchisor to effectively manage their franchise operations more efficiently.

Why ADA® ?

Paloe has partnered with franchise management consulting firm Asiawide Franchise Consultants to launch Asiawide Digital Advantage (ADA®), an all-in-one digital franchise management Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, to digitise and streamline the management of franchisors who have their own company-owned outlets and franchisee-owned outlets.
All in One
ADA® empowers you to manage your franchise business with a single access.
Connect and communicate between existing franchisees and prospective opportunities.
Maximise Profits
Scale and optimise your franchise operations with our easy-to-use financial dashboard.
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The ADA® platform was developed with these key features.
Optimising Workflows
From onboarding to audit, franchisees can adhere to SOPs in a systematic and straightforward way while maintaining accountability.
Seamless Connection
Linking investors to franchising opportunities and streamlining direct communication with partners.
Performance Insights
Keep track of your financials, right down to outlet and product level - all the necessary insights you need to know at your fingertips, be it franchisee or franchisor. More insights, better decisions.
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ADA® was co-developed by Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte Ltd and Paloe Pte Ltd
to bring you a platform that is user friendly, effective yet affordable
The 1st Franchise Management Platform in Asia
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